Sinful Colors Green Ocean (+ Wet n Wild Poison Ivy)

For today, I have a pair of limited-edition colors that their respective manufacturers have brought back twice each.  First up in this combo, Wet n Wild has re-released a whole Halloween collection in both '12 and '13, and if they do it again this year, Poison Ivy is well worth picking up.

indoor CF lighting
Poison Ivy is a near-black polish packed with very dark emerald green shimmer.  This is definitely one of those things that will look black in low lighting, but wow, so worth it anyway.  It took me about a coat and a half (one full coat, plus a little touch-up here and there) for full opacity, and I'm showing it here without cleanup.  As in, yes, it stays that perfectly where you put it.  The formula is approximately perfect for a drugstore polish - for $2, it's a lot easier to work with than plenty of things 5x its cost.  The perfection of the thickness/leveling, though, is reeeeeeeeally necessary, given that soon as a brush and acetone touch it, this business is all up in every microcrack of your cuticles, and will be staying there for days.

Since this didn't need lots of thick layers, it's perfect for adding more on top without getting chunky enough to chip up, so LE holiday release #2 is Sinful Colors Green Ocean.  Released only around St. Patrick's Day for the past 2 years, it's quickly sold out when it does show up.  After failing to find it at several stores, i caved and snagged it off ebay for $5.

In the bottle, Green Ocean is exactly that:  green.  Slightly turquoise, pretty sparkly, but overall green shards & microglitter in a translucent minty jelly base.  On the nail, though, it instantly transformed my dark green to black (Poison Ivy was only green again in very rare lighting occasions), and covered it with super shifty duochrome shard glitter pieces.

indirect light right near a window
Most frequently, these shard pieces - they are most definitely not super thin flakies, they are irregular-edged glitter pieces and will need some scrubbing to come off - appear a medium teal/aqua color in direct light, with light green on the closer side of the shift and blue on the farther.

indoor office fluorescents
At angled light, the teal shifted on into a rich cobalt blue - instant galaxy nails with this over black(ish).

indirect outdoor light
At the far edge of the shift, it goes all the way to an indigo/violet that my camera refused to capture realistically at any lighting setting.  Above is as close as I got, but promise, the shift was way stronger and way more obvious.

outdoor direct sunlight
It's super sparkly, super shifty goodness that got me plenty of compliments.

Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars for Green Ocean.  I've seen swatches over both pale greens and black, and I totally get the frenzy to obtain this when it comes out each year.  Keep your eyes Peeled!  Poison Ivy is at least 3 stars, but to be sure, i'll need to wear it solo to see if the surprise-black problem becomes annoying.

Where to buy:  these are both drugstore polishes, sold for about $2 each when you can find them.  IMHO, totally worth checking out display racks of both these brands around holidays just to check if something really interesting has popped up.



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