Indigo Bananas 2% Butterscotch Ripple

Indigo Bananas is an indie polish maker with a little something for everyone - there's a wide range of styles in her store, from glitterbombs to holos - with most available as either minis or full-size bottles.  This one here is 2% Butterscotch Ripple, from a Willy Wonka collection.

indoor CF lighting
 2%BR is a wine jelly base packed with small round glitter.  If you look for the sparkles in the bottle shot there, you can see some occasional holo glitter bits thrown into the mix.  The majority of the sparkles, though, have the same sort of duochrome gold-to-green color shift as Chanel Peridot and all its various dupes.

indoor, indirect late afternoon sunlight
The blurry shot shows a good mix of the colors those shifty glitters flash.  Since they're glitter particles suspended in a translucent jelly base, they don't all end up laying the exact same way, so the flash is a little different off each one.

outdoor direct sunlight
Around the edges, you can see how sheer this jelly finish is.  I wore 2%BR around for a day or two with 2 coats and was not super pleased with it - in bright light, the sheerness made it look patchy, and it unfortunately wears like a jelly on me rather than like a glitter, with some chips and edgewear within 48h.  Nicely, however, a 3rd coat and refresher topcoat had things right as rain, with a deeper, richer color to the base, and much closer to opacity.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars. It wears a little too quickly for my taste, but the color is way nice.  I'll probably like this a whole lot more in the fall or winter, when a splash of glittery color on the deep wine "fits" better.

Where to buy:  Indigo Bananas etsy store.



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