Dance Legend Tinsel

On a Dance Legend bender a couple months ago, I snagged all 3 of the candy flakes collection that caught my eye.  Here's the last one, Tinsel.

indoor direct lighting
 Tinsel is a bright, true kelly green jelly filled with fire flakies (the sort that shift gold/copper/reddish).  It took 2 coats for even, near-opaque coverage, but more coats = a richer color.  You can definitely build this one up further if you'd like.

outdoors on an overcast day
The flakes were always visible, but the vibrant, saturated color of the jelly base overwhelmed their color shift pretty much all the time.  In bright lighting, I'd get a subtle flash of gold-ish green, but it's definitely never the fiery color that peeks out of the bottle.  In artificial light, Tinsel is super saturated and super shiny, which tended to downplay the flakes a bit.

indoor office fluorescents
Word of warning:  that rich color saturation meant that it was a bear to clean up.  It's one of those greens (and there's plenty of blues that do it too) that stain the bejeezus out of the edge of your cuticles when the acetone brush touches it.

indirect rainy hazy sorta sunlight
I realized pretty quickly that Tinsel was prettiest when the lighting wasn't so bright, since cutting the shine a bit amped the flakes a whole lot.  AHA!  This so needed to be matte-ified.

plus Fresh Paint Sugar Crush on ring finger
Fresh Paint is Color Club's super inexpensive alter ego, sold 3 for $5 at 5 Below stores.  Less than $2 for a smooth, easy to work with matte top coat, and for the flakie-dense Shine of the Times dupe on my ring finger here?  Hell yes!

matte, in outdoor bright indirect sunlight
The extra layer of fire flakies was to remind me what they'd look like when not submerged in bright green (fantastic!).  The matte layer actually made a little more of the color shift of the flakes peek out, too.  This is the first time I've used a matte top coat, and I thought it was a good bit less matte on day 2...weird.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Final Fantasy is still my super fave from this collection, but I wore this for 5 whole days (3 pre-and 2 post-matte) with all the love I had for this perfect for spring green.  Wear was really good for a jelly polish, with just a little even edge wear overall.

Where to buy:  the front page of Dance Legend's website has the list of their international stockists.



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