Jade Magia (Negra)

A friend recently challenged everybody in the group to rock "a badass mani," and while I think the previous 2 were certainly contenders in the awesome arena, the real rockstar is Jade's Magia.

outdoor direct sun, of course
I've seen bottles labeled as "Magia Negra" and just "Magia," but either way they have it right:  this stuff is magic.  It's an incredibly strongly linear holo, with a fascinating bronze metallic flash in the center of the rainbow flame.

Yup, those zingers of sparkling metallic aren't just the reflection of the nice sunlight we had that day, they're really there, in any lighting bright enough to make the flame clear.  The bronze at the heart of this one really made it stand out for me.

The other huge winner was the formula.  Though it was definitely a jelly-type polish, 2 easy coats was all that was necessary for total opacity, and it wore like iron.  These pics taken after 3-4 days of wear, with only the most minor edgewear (as in, it looked like I didn't wrap the tips, but not at all like it was rubbing off).

In shady or low indoor lighting, the holographic particles silvered the color out, as typical for most linear holos.  This often results in a greyer look to the base color that's usually none too attractive, but works gorgeously here.  The holo particles end up softening this to a subtly shimmery charcoal indoors, much less harshly emo than wearing straight-up black nail polish.

And back in the sun, POW, strong rainbows that show the whole ROYGBIV spectrum (well, except for the purple end, but still).

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  All of the Jade holos I've tried so far have had a very easy to work with formula, have killer rainbows, and wear very well for me.  The bronze flash here in addition to everything else just equals perfection.  Bonus: though they're small bottles (8ml), they're super economical at $6-8.

Where to buy:  the usual suspects for import treasures carry this if you don't want to try importing from Brazil:  Ninja PolishColor4nails, and Llarowe all have the hook-up.



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