Nfu Oh-51

More frequently than you'd think, I happen to glance at my polish racks and notice something I'd been especially giddy about getting my sparkly hands on that's languished untried lo these many months.  The latest victim of my forgetfulness and far too quickly growing polish stash is Nfu Oh's number 51.

Packed inside Nfu Oh's incredible corset-and-ballgown bottles is the "opal glitter" series, numbered 37-60. The first few in the series are sheer, containing dense flakies in nearly clear base, but as the numbers go higher, they're colored jelly polishes packed with one of several kinds of shimmering flake goodness.  Number 51 is legendary among polish-crazy flakie aficionados for being basically Clarins 230/Revlon Fantasy Fire in flakie form, having the same blue-purple base and red-to-green color shift.

outdoor indirect cloudy light
Oh, yessssss, check out those rainbows.  The flakes here are super shifty all the time; while the base of the polish stays about the same in most lighting conditions, the different flakes make it all look like something different in each room or near each window.

outdoor cloudy afternoon light
Most typically indoors, this (above) is what you get: blue-purple jelly with almost metallic-looking fiery pink flakes, and plenty of 'em.  In direct sunlight, this look is a little more intense, and the red/green shimmer that's also hidden in here starts to peek out more noticeably.

direct sunlight
Any time you're looking at your nails at an angle, or the light from a computer monitor is shining down on them while typing, you get that incredible emerald flash.

direct sunlight
It's definitely one where a little tilt of the fingers has you wearing several different polishes.  Check out my bronze-shimmer thumb vs the emerald-flashing index vs the red fire on the rest of the nails.  Swoon!

indoor incandescent lighting
This is yet another polish where reviewers differ in how best to wear it because of how sheer it is.  Apparently, 51 will look very different over different opaque undies, much like 230/FF do, and just as for those others, the most popular choices are royal blue or purple.  This bottle, though, is a quite generous 17ml, meaning the 3 coats it took to get this to opacity were fine on their own for me.

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  51 utterly lives up to all the hype, and is definitely one of those where I'm staring at my nails all the time.  As if the color wasn't enough, this polish defies my usual ill luck with jellies and is wearing like iron.  most of the pics here are 3 days after I've put it on, with only some light, uniform edgewear (as though I didn't wrap my tips), and nary a chip at all.

Where to buy:  though this series has been discontinued, the US distributor FabulouStreet has plenty of the opal glitters, including 51 still in stock, so go snap up whichever strikes your fancy ASAP.



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