ILNP My Little Glacier Holo

When I Love Nail Polish releases new multichromes, they also tend to release the previous batch of multichromes with a bit of holo sparkle added in.  I now have a couple of them that I wasn't too keen on solo, but snapped right up with rainbows.  Here's My Little Glacier Holo.

indoor CF lighting
My Little Glacier didn't wow me from the first release of multichromes, mostly due to it being so much more subtle than the likes of Birefringence.  I'm quite pleased with the holo-fied version, though of course you could get a similar look with a bit of Northern Lights topcoat on the regular version.

outdoor, direct sunlight
MLG is most often a steely cold blue that can look gunmetal-silver in some lights.  The holo is a lightly scattered rainbow sparkle, not a POW linear flame.  This one doesn't shift a whole lot, in that tilting my nails into a cascade didn't result in me being able to catch the changes.  There's just a little shift to the edges, where a little light purple peeks out:

Instead of shifting while you watch, MLG's changes tend to be as subtle surprises, along the lines of "huh, in this room, i'm wearing electric blue polish instead."

indoor CF lighting
It has different looks in different lighting situations, and I did have a coworker act surprised when I showed her my blue fingers:  "Michelle, I could have sworn you were wearing turquoise."

outdoor, late afternoon direct sunlight
At very steep angles, it will shift purple, but basically only when I aimed my fingers ceiling-ward at the lights.  In other words, there's not a lot of purple happening here without making it happen intentionally.

indoor CF lighting
outdoor direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Nice formula, average wear time, and a subtle range of color that looks good on me.  

Where to buy:  ILNP web store.



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