Enchanted Polish March 2014

For 2014, Enchanted Polish is doing "a year of mysteries" - they hold a pre-order monthly (or maybe every other month for 2 at a time) for this month's mystery polish.  You have no idea what you're going to get, but plenty of people wade into the restock fray to jump on the preorder list to get one.  When I happened to catch notice that the preorder was about to happen for March, my birthday month, I jumped right in.

March 2014 is a vibrant chartreuse linear holo.  Like both of the other Enchanteds I have, the formula is about perfect - 2 coats to reasonable opacity (I thought it was just the littlest bit sheer on the edges), minimal cleanup needed, flawlessly self-leveling, and super shiny even before the top coat.

It's crazy bright, and super holo.

still rainbow on overcast days

The gold flash in the center of the holo flame is prominent in all bright light, and helps make this definitely a very yellow-leaning green.

At some angles, it even looks like it's dusted in gold.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  If you like this color, you can't beat the formula. Bonus - it wears like iron.  Most of these pics are 2 or 3 days after painting, with absolutely no chips or edgewear.

Where to buy:  ebay, at this point.  Unless EP sells sets of the mystery polishes at the end of the year, you have to jump in monthly at the preorders, or miss out, so check her facebook page or sign up for the email list to be kept notified.  I really wish she'd do a regular restock so I can snag some of the older colors, and, bluntly, I'm not a fan of the all-mystery collection.  But then again, I wouldn't have bought a yellowy green ever, and I ended up rather liking this a lot.



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