Sinful Colors Dancing Nails + Dangerous Driver Sparkles

There's a big inspection coming up soon, so though I'm not on the schedule until later in the week, juuust in case things change, I'm in pink instead of POW for now.  I revisited a polish I liked when I first tried it, but haven't taken pics of, Sinful Colors Dancing Nails.

indoor CF lighting, no cleanup
Dancing Nails is a warm light red with a subtle copperish or brownish undertone in the bottle.  IMHO, it dries a bit lighter and is pink rather than light red, and I kinda wish that the bottle color was truer.  It's a shimmery foil look, without frosty brushstrokes, and covers opaquely in 2 coats.  It wore about average, with some edgewear and a couple of minor chips showing up by the 3rd day.

outdoor, indirect afternoon sunlight

It's pretty on its own, but for a little bit of subversive sparkle, I added a layer of Darling Diva's Dangerous Driver.

indoor, indirect sunlight
D4 is a topcoat that's both holographic and has the red-to-green Fantasy Fire-type color shifting pigments.  As you can see from the bottle shot above, it's very sheer (note the completely clear air bubble area), and I think you'd need at least 6 coats to get close to opacity - not gonna happen.  It of course packs more punch over dark colors - black, cobalt blue, and royal purple are internet faves for FF-shifters - but gives a subtler boost to pastels like DN.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
There's a lovely holo sparkle here in bright light, not so much a linear holo flame.  The sheerness of D4 means that the base color wasn't muted or made to look dusty.

ooooh!  photo comparison all in one!  sunlight and shade both.
Between the foil-type finish of the pink and the sparkle of the color-shifting pigments, this pink is now glowy goodness, and sometimes, it's BAM! metallic, too.  But only when you're out in the sun, not inside where the boss will notice.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  I'm not typically a pink kind of girl, but this nice rose works great for when you gotta be all professional, and it's flattering to my skin tone.  Can't beat that for $2.

Where to buy:  Sinful can be found at most drugstores (Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc).  Buy Darling Diva at her store.



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