Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell

Kleancolor is both super cheap and super stinky (though that goes away in short order).  Their "chunky holo" series from last year is all the same size of color-shifting round or mini-hex glitter in translucent jelly bases, with the exception of the black one, which is a much larger size of glitter.  if you're going to layer them, you don't necessarily need them all, but the base does tint the polish it's on just a little.  Bluebell caught my eye of all of them, so that's the only one i got.

First off, This polish isn't a solo act: many, many coats would be needed to get anything close to what the bottle looks like, and this jelly base is really gluey.  In other words, if you could get it to look like you wanted it to be on its own, it'd never dry.  For starters, I went with a England's Perceval:

This here is one coat, no clean up.  Yeah, one perfect, shiny coat, no topcoat or anything, it's just this nice all by itself, easily a 4 star polish, and probably the ideal classic red for me.  Then, I added 2 coats of Bluebell:

That bottle - OMG i die. Gorgeous.  Every curve a rainbow, with red at the heart, all the way out to green and blue at the edges.  Over red, though, a little more subtle.

Sometimes, this is what I had here: basically, a recap of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, all red on red sparkles.  But a little tilt of the fingers, and the shift starts to come up...

And the gold and green parts of the rainbow would peek out across the curve of the nail, but never quite to blue/indigo/purple.  In the right light, that green really popped, though:

Bluebell is most typically swatched over black, so I figured I'd try it out over other colors to see if the shift was more WOW with something else.  All the others were, like Perceval, 1 to 1-and-a-half coat very saturated colors:  on the middle finger Wet n Wild Root of All Evil, ring a England Avalon, and pinky Wet n Wild Black Crème.

Yep, all get that shift up to gold and green, and sigh, yes, it looks stunning over black where it only looks neat over the other colors.  Since so much of the direct-light color of the glitter is red, though, it does show up better on the blue & purple instead of red.

Rating:  3 out 5 stars.  Pretty when it wants to be, but if it had that same rainbow flash over anything but just basic black, I'd swoon for reals for Bluebell.  

Where to buy:  Kleancolor polishes are found at beauty supply shops, amazon.com, ebay, and a whole host of online retailers, typically for about $2 each.



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