Orly Nite Owl

The big inspection in the lab is this week, so though there's most certainly not a polish dress code in science-land, I'm still toning things down to a properly professional level for the next few days.

Orly Nite Owl is a soft, creamy, mushroom-taupe that's packed with fine silver microflakes - the particles are bigger than what i typically call "shimmer", but they're definitely not as distinctive as typical flakies.  We could argue semantics as to whether these particles would more technically be "microglitter", but since removal was as easy as application, neither streaks nor scrubbing happened here, i'm going with microflakes.  LOL the polish lingo!

outdoor, direct sunlight
Nite Owl dries fairly shiny, but is of course amped by a good topcoat.

indoor CF lighting
In some lights, the silver is more obvious, but the base taupe color is never overwhelmed by shimmer.  This is always a calm, neutral color, that just happens to have a lovely shine to it.  It's not sparkly, in bright or low light, just softly shimmering.

It does, however, change color in different lighting.  Notice the different intensity of color on each of my nails in the pic above?  In each room of the house, this looked a little more grey, or a little more brown, or a little more slate, depending on the light in the room.  This color change isn't typically visible all at once like this (the angle here was perfect serendipity), and I'm most definitely not calling it a shifting color, it just reflects lights a bit differently.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Calm neutrals aren't what makes my heart pitter-patter, but you gotta have something like this in your stash for job interviews, business trips, or any other time you want to look like a respectable grown-up.  Suzy thinks this taupe would lobster-hand her, and I rather expected it to do the same for me.  The fact that it's a lovely neutral that works well with my coloring was a pleasant surprise, because boy howdy do I like the soft silver in here, and this is far more appealing to me than the same color would be in plain crème.  Orly's formula tends to work great for me, and this wore like iron for 4 days without chips or obvious tip wear.

Where to buy:  Orly is found at beauty stores like Ulta and Sally's.



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