Joss In A Violet Haze

I don't remember who/what/where told me about this polish, but I wish I could hug them.  If you need major bling-tastic sparkle goodness on your fingertips, Joss In A Violet Haze is your girl.

indoor CF lighting
IAVH in the bottle is suuuuuper sparkly silver, with a hint of pink flash and a hefty dollop of holographic zaps.  In lower light, you can tell that this is a little sheer, but IRL, the intensity of the shimmer was more than adequate to make this visually opaque.  I'm wearing 2 coats here, which i thought was perfectly adequate.  3 coats would probably get you to true opacity, and 1 very light coat would make a pretty amazing topper.  About 75% of the pics i took ended up showing only the silver +/- some of the rainbow goodness.

outdoor, direct sunlight

That rainbow goodness is there A LOT, though.  Those sunlight pics give you the idea on how much shiny sparkle is there, but they stop short of the true amount of rainbows and flash.  Below is how this works in regular indoor lighting - blurry to highlight just how much rainbow sparkles are glinting off of this, no sunlight necessary for the show.  This is no subtle, professional workplace, grown-up kind of stuff, people.

indoor CF lighting
In lower light, one other thing I really liked about this polish becomes apparent - for all that the sparkly bling looks to be discrete sparkle particles, IAVH is not glitter at all.  In fact, it's more of a foil finish, with chunky flaky shimmer - removal of this did not require any serious effort at all (other than, of course, anything this shimmery will leave shimmery bits all over).

indoor, indirect sunlight
In all lighting, there was a lovely magenta-pink flash in the center of the light reflections.  Which, when angled up to the light...Surprise Duochome FTW!!!

both, indoor CF lighting
A lovely and thoroughly unexpected shift from magenta to a glowy pale golden firefly-green was apparent only in lower light, while the pink was there all the time.  Most of my pics above aren't completely accurate, though - the saturation and richness of the magenta flash was IMPOSSIBLE to properly catch with either my point-and-shoot, or my cellphone cameras.  The closest i could get is this blurry angled shot - the few scattered magenta bits of light are how intensely PINK the central flash of this polish looks most of the time, in high or low lighting (mentally paste this intensity of color over anywhere above you see pink).

indoor CF lighting
I tried a video to better catch what's going on, and I think it's a good bit closer, with a bonus sparkle of that firefly green.

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  This was absolutely a can't-stop-staring sort of polish.  The rainbows plus the intense color flash PLUS surprise duochrome were all great, but to top it off, this one applies very easily and wore like iron - no chips or edgewear at all after 3+ days.

Where to buy:  Color 4 Nails and Llarowe both sell Joss polishes.



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