Barry M Dusky Mauve

For some reason, I feel the need to be all professional at work this week, and put down the greens and blues for just a sec.  Still, I'm not ready to give up all things interesting (pink crème girl, not so much), so I pulled out Barry M's Dusky Mauve.  I'm a huge fan of things that are two colors at once (duochromes FTW!), and contrasting shimmer polishes certainly fit the bill.

indoor CF lighting
Dusky Mauve is really more taupe than mauve - it's a cool, dark mushroom crème with a lovely purple shimmer that gives it a plum cast in most lighting.

outdoor direct sunlight
It's a known dupe for the far pricier Chanel Paradoxical, and Chanel's standard MO is subtle, borderline hidden shimmer.  If the shimmer here were a little more prominent, I'd love it a whole lot more.

Still, when the shimmer is there, ooof.  This one is an edgy modern neutral with a little sneaky something extra, and it feels very chic.  The shine that one layer of topcoat puts on it is also pretty fantastic.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  Lovely color, even if I want it to be less understated.

Where to buy:  Barry M is sold through several US stockists/importers, like Llarowe  and  Color4Nails.



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