Orly Space Cadet

It's always nice when "LE" collections are locatable long after they're released, for those of us that end up magnetically drawn to some swatch photos a couple of years after the party happened.  Space Cadet was from Orly's 2010 mineral FX collection, and is a known dupe for MAC's Mean & Green, and sorta for Hard Candy's Beetle, too.

indoor, indirect sunlight
Space Cadet is a very fine microglitter in a wine-to-bronze duochrome that I apparently love to pieces, since I keep buying it over and over and over.  The unique twist here is that the base is a murky deep green jelly that really changes the look in certain lights or at certain angles.  

direct sunlight
Yep, that earthy green shading to the edges, and a lot of the time to the golden bronze, is totally unique to this one (and its known dupes).  To let that green glimmer through, this polish is fairly sheer in the way that makes the tips look a little see-thru, and took 3 coats to get to this level of opacity.

outdoor, shade
Like all duochromes of wonderfulness, this one looks very different depending on the tilt of your fingers, or the ambient lighting conditions.  Sometimes, it's an almost metallic pink:

indirect sunlight
And sometimes, it's straight-up METALLIC sparkly:

direct sunlight 
But always with a lovely shift:

indirect shady sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Bonus: much easier to remove than typical glitter.

Where to buy:  Amazon, Ebay, and blog sales all have the hook up for most all of this collection.



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