Icing After Party

Well, Fancy Pants didn't work for me solo, but I have way too many untried toppers to just scrap it and start over.

indoor, CF lighting 
After Party was a very inexpensive shard glitter topper from Icing (the mall costume jewelry store).  There's legends of Icing and Claire's each having some dupes to high-end or even hard-to-find polishes, so I generally peek in their bins on the rare occasions I find myself at a mall.  After Party has big shreds of pink, red-orange, aqua-blue, silver, and yellow mylar in a clear base.  One coat distributed very evenly, and I filled in a few spots with a little dabbing.  Surprisingly for this being a chunky shred, with just one layer of topcoat none of the pieces stuck up off the nail or snagged in my clothes: suddenly, that sad violet was totally wearable for a few days.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A nice pick-me-up, with plenty of potential for holiday or party looks.

Where to buy:  I don't know that this is available anywhere, since Icing doesn't maintain a long-term core line.  Perhaps keep an eye on blog sales.



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