OPI DS Extravagance

OPI's DS series are hoarded by OPI fanatics, and often with good reason.  They were some of the first US mainstream holos (though plenty of them are other things now), and the colors are often just fantastic.  Here's DS Extravagance.

indoor, CF lighting
Extravagance caught my eye after I'd been drooling over a handful of very similar polishes: Picture Polish Moscow has the same softly scattered holo in rich wine, and Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries did too (though they've now changed their formula to a more linear one before I was able to snap up a bottle of the original).  Since Ebay was able to provide me with a bottle of Extravagance for less than $10, that was a no-brainer answer to all the similar things I was coveting.

outdoor, sunlight
Extravagance is a rich berry-wine that's nearly a one-coater (there are 2 here), packed with a shimmering, softly scattered holo.  It's a little more intense than a England's type of scattered holo, with definite rainbow peeks here and there.

indoor CF lighting
In lower lighting, it's a slightly darker version than in bright sunlight, but the color is always lovely whether or not there's enough light to spark the rainbows, and is really flattering to my skin tone.  I had zero issues with the formula or the wear time - edgewear but no chips by day 3.  It's alllllll good.

indoor CF lighting
yeah.  just, yeah.
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  It's a huge winner.

Where to buy:  Amazon, Ebay, and Ulta all carry OPI's DS line, including this one.



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