CoverGirl Emerald Blaze

While scrounging around WalMart for the very last jug of the "no-rub acetone power gel," my eye was caught by a bright flash of emerald green.  Apparently, CoverGirl has a trio of new duochromes out, and spoiler alert, this one is great.

outdoor, shady light
Emerald Blaze is, exactly like it says, a richly saturated emerald green.  This is 2 coats, and those 2 were all I needed for complete opacity.  Huzzah for drugstore duochromes that don't need dark undies!

indoor, indirect sunlight
With pretty minimal tilting, that green shifts through bronze and on to a rich, mahogany brown.

outdoor, overcast sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Good formula, decent brush, and rich color from a $4 drugstore polish?  That also happens to be a pretty dead-on dupe for the LE Sprite OPI Green on the Runway?  Yes, please.

Where to buy:  CoverGirl is widely available at most drug or grocery stores.



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