China Glaze Fancy Pants

Sometimes, you spy some things on sale in the Ulta clearance bin that strike you as a good idea at the time.  I've found plenty of discount gems in those bins, but sadly for me, China Glaze's Fancy Pants wasn't one of them.

indoor CF lighting
Fancy Pants, from the 2013 spring collection, is one of those violet blue shades that's very tricky to photograph color-accurately (hence the yellowy fingers above).  It's just a hair too intensely blue above, but about right in the bottom two.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
From the bottle shot, you can see some fantastic red-plum fire shimmer peeking out of the violet crème.  Despite the bright, direct light for all of these shots, though, that shimmer is pretty hidden.  In indoor office or home lighting, this color is a nearly flat crème, in a color that's less than flattering to my skin tone.  Insult to injury: this started chipping in less than a day.

this is as shimmery as it's gonna get
Rating:  2 out of 5 stars.  Application was no trouble, and this will work great with other people's coloring, but I have no love for it.  Pants is heading to the trade pile.

Where to buy:  since it was clearanced out of Ulta and isn't part of the core line, it's Amazon & Ebay if you'd like to give this a whirl.



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