Colors by Llarowe P47

I've mentioned before my sadness over not becoming a polish junkie until well after Llarowe's P-series LE polishes were sold out, so imagine the rush to snap them up when she re-released them earlier this year.  Unfortunately, to put it bluntly, this stuff doesn't at all match the pics of what the original batch was, so I still don't  have that lemming.  Fortunately, however, what I did end up with is lovely anyway, and rather helps out with a different lemming altogether.

indoor CF lighting
P47 is a rich berry-red jelly, full of Clarins 230/Max Factor Fantasy Fire-type ruby-to-emerald color shifting shimmer.  2 coats got me to this point, and I certainly don't think it needed more than that, but as with all jellies, the more coats, the richer the color.  Described as being a vampy red, it does sometimes have a darker on the edges feel to it, but always with a little glow of embers.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
That lit-from-within glow just kills me.

indirect late afternoon sunlight 
The more direct the light gets, the more fiery those sparkles become.

The sparkles are ruby red in direct light, and then with a slight angle, they change to orangey-bronze fire, ultimately reaching to emerald at oblique angles.

indoor CF lighting
outdoor direct sunlight
So what I've ended up with here is a rich, flattering, cool red jelly, with an obvious rainbowed green edge to the bottle.

indoor CF lighting
Which is DEAD ON for every picture I've seen of the hard-to-find OPI La Boheme.  Not that I have it laying around to compare, but I'm going to pretend this is my Boheme dupe and try to put that lemming to sleep.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Yeah, it chipped like a jelly after 2.5 days, and it's not at all what I'd hoped it would be, and it had that too-soft mop-like brush that I've gotten on a few Llarowe polishes, but I don't really care a whole lot about any of that in the face of this stare-worthy color.

Where to buy:  Hopefully, Llarowe will bring back the Reno Air Races series someday.



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