SpaRitual It's Raining Men, or, 3rd time's the charm.

Though Cinderella was such a disaster for me, I wasn't done with pastel easter-time blue.  As typical for me, I realized that after Orly's Angel Rain and Cinderella, I had yet another iteration of blue-with-pink-shimmer, and this one finally rocked my socks.

indoor CF light
It's Raining Men is a soft, slightly greyed-out periwinkle blue, with an utterly gorgeous pink-to-gold pearlescent shimmer.  Unlike the patchiness of the other 2 pink-in-blues I have, this sheer formula was super easy to work with.  IRM was so flawlessly self-leveling on the first coat you could leave it like that for an ethereally light wash of color, if that's your thing.  It was about 75% opaque on the 2nd thick coat, showing a bit of VNL and some of the white moons at the nail base at this point.

indirect, early morning sunlight
The color was straight-up spring morning sky, blue with a shot of warm pink.  The more intense the light, the brighter the blue color was;  in lower lights, it leaned a little grey.  The shimmer was also light-changing, too, with pink in the lower light (my camera refused to pick up a lot of the pink other than in the above 2 pics), and coppery gold in brighter light.

direct sunlight
 Despite the pearly borderline frosty look of the shimmer, I had no problem with brushstrokes at all.

bright sunlight
It's gorgeously shiny, AND it wore like iron - no chipping or edgewear at all after 3 days.

indirect overcast light
This is a far more sophisticated version of pink and baby blue than either of my other two similar type colors, very wearable, and not at all little-kid looking.

IRM vs Cinderella
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars, just perfection.

Where to buy:  SpaRitual is sold at Ulta, and It's Raining Men is part of the core collection.



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