Lacquistry Chinese New Year & Amazeballz You're So Fine

Now that we've got flakies and holos and multichromes, everyone's looking for what will be the next hot thing.  Laqcuistry's got something pretty unique with her "metal flake" polishes, of which I have 2 here, Chinese New Year and Amazeballz (fine).

indoor, bright CF lighting
Amazeballz was apparently Laqcuistry's first foray into this magic mix, and she now stocks several different grades, each with a different size of golden metal flake.  This one on my ring finger is "You're so Fine," touted as a one-coat wonder.  And damn if it's not pretty close - a heavier hand would have done it in one, but I needed 2 for perfection.  The formula on Amazeballz is utterly perfect, which is good because cleanup of these flakes is as tricky as it is for any other flakes (they like to stick like they're grafted to one's cuticles).  Note that many swatch pics (including some of mine) show this color as a tarnished silver, and that's dead wrong.  This is GOLD, not silver at all.

outdoor, overcast cloudy daylight
In addition to Amazeballz many size variations, the same metal flake is being packed into deeply tinted jellies for a fantastic sparkly finish. The red one sucked me right in, and the color of Chinese New Year was so amazing that it jumped straight to the top of the huge untried pile here.

a day after arrival
The formula on CNY is, sadly, nowhere near as delightful as on Amazeballz.  The jelly/crelly base has to be saturated enough to completely mask the underlying gold of the flakes that it will stain the bejezus out of your cuticles (see my pinky in most of these pics).  And it's simultaneously not thick enough to suspend the flakies.  After being left alone for a few hours, you can tell they're all headed south, and they're completely settled out by overnight, necessitating a 5 minute shakeup to be useable.  Once mixed, the formula is both gorgeous and gloopy.  Sigh.

oh but the end result is soooooo pretty
This was declared by my partner to be his favorite polish I own - the red is that gorgeous.

indoor, window-filtered daylight for both pics

CNY always looked to be smoldering with inner fire, when it wasn't outright blazing in the sun.

not even bright sunlight
With the thick formula, it of course chipped quicker than I'd like.  But still, that color.  

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars for both.  Yeah, I have other gold polishes, but Amazeballz is the blingiest thing ever.  Yeah, I have reds with much better formulas, but sweet baby octopus the color of this one is to. die. for.

Where to buy:  direct from Lacquistry.



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