Dance Legend Malta #91 & some quick holiday stamping

For the Christmas holiday, I wasn't feeling super in the spirit, but I figured some red & green would certainly help get me there.  For starters, I pulled Dance Legend Malta #91 out of the untried pile.

indoor, bright CF lighting
This here bottle shot is all you need to know about this polish:

  1. The gold shimmer is utterly gorgeous against the creamy forest green
  2. The gold shimmer 100% completely settles to the bottom of the bottle within 12 hours of a vigorous 15 minute shaking session to re-suspend it
  3. I know it settles out within 12 hours because this polish is a chippy bitch that needed touch-ups in that amount of time
It was a big disappointment, and the lovely color isn't worth the fussy formula and the very poor wear time, so into the trade pile it goes.  While touching things up, I also stamped some white snowflakes using Born Pretty's BP-01 plate and Pretty Serious Presence.

the rarely observed cinderella hand!
And then on one side, I added some flashy, foil-y reindeer with BP's gold stamping polish and Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn.

Rating:  this DL polish gets 2 stars only for it's gorgeous and very flattering color, which is enough to make me wish like anything that I didn't loathe the formula so much.  This is the 2nd DL product in a row to hit me as totally subpar, which is odd since this is one of my fave brands.

Where to buy:  direct from DL, or check their list of international stockists.



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