Femme Fatale Mad as a Hatter

A recent sample sale on Femme Fatale's FB fan group has me eager for all things FF; combine that with a good portion of my black friday haul being FF's magic, and it's time to dig these out of the untried pile right now.  From the recent Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party collection, here's Mad as a Hatter.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Hatter is a dark pine green jelly packed with iridescent gold-to-red-to-green flakies, red microglitters, and what might be Fantasy Fire/230 shifting shimmer.  It's a whole lot going on, but it's a lovely, earthy autumn in a bottle.

outdoor, shady daylight
The flakies are of course the first thing that catches the eye, with the effect being rather like Essie Shine of the Times over, say, Nars Zulu.  Hatter is a bit lighter than Zulu, never looking black in any lighting, but it does pick up some of the very dark, smoky look of that other deep green jelly.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The flakies aren't alone, though, with the microglitters giving their own splash of color to this one.

outdoor, direct sunlight for both pics
the glittery flash appears almost gold IRL
And only FF/230 hits that particular bright emerald flash in angled light, though I never really saw the typical bronze-red in direct light.  Maybe it's just the awesome flakies?  Who knows?

indoor, CF lighting
This was a nice color at 2 coats, but at 3 the flakies and the color deepened up quite a bit, and I never really had any VNL - I think either 2 or 3 coats would give subtly different looks, and either would be rather nice.

outdoor, shady daylight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, this one is a gorgeously unique color.  It wore like a jelly (quicker than ideal), but edgewear was very even and minor, with no chipping after a few days.

Where to buy:  Femme Fatale lists their stockists at the bottom of their home page; my fave domestic source is Color4Nails.



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