Dance Legend Rain

After my last 2 Dance Legends have been wholly underwhelming, I checked through the list of untried goodies from them to see if there was a shot at redemption.  A-ha!  After absolutely loving the other 2 of the LE Mortal Kombat polishes (Reptile and Sub Zero) earlier this year, I snagged the 3rd one in the collection, Rain, to make this my only 100% complete polish collection ever.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Check out my new oval nails!  Malta #91's insane chippiness meant that I ended up with a pretty bad break along an edge of 2 different nails, so I could either go to nubbins or round them out.  They still seem strange (I've had square/squovals for so long now these don't look like me), but they're cute and a little girly, so I'll give it a whirl for a while.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Like the others in the collection, Rain is a very dark not-quite-black polish when cold that then shifts tonally to a plum wine when warm.  This jelly is packed with iridescent flakies that are mostly fiery-colored, but occasionally flash green.

outdoor, filtered daylight
The cool color (again, like the others) was a verrrry vampy dark plum.

indoor, office fluorescents
While the warm color was a lovely light plum that could look more blue-tinged or more red-tinged with the lighting.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Rain absolutely had the best formula out of the 3, with smooth creamy coats and very even coverage at 2 layers.  Like the others, this dried to an unappealingly rubbery finish, so topcoat is necessary.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Other than it wearing like a jelly (a little quicker than ideal, but only even edgewear and no major chipping), this was a lovely polish that very often showed the fun funky french-tip effect.  It's a super swift shifter and the formula was pretty trouble-free.

Where to buy:  check DL's list of international stockists.



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