Femme Fatale Ouija & Maiden's Patience

And one (ok, two) last lovelies from Femme Fatale before I sail off to vacation for a couple of weeks.
Color 4 Nails scored a pair of store exclusives (as did a few other stores around the world) earlier this year, and the near-black Ouija was an instant must-have for me.  When Maiden's Patience from the Midsummer Night's Dream collection arrived with my Black Friday haul, I was struck at how the holo glitter in each was a nice compliment for the other.

indoor, CF lighting
Ouija is a super smooth dark charcoal (it's so close to black that I have it filed as black, but if you're dead set on true blackest black it's not quite there) with a gorgeously perfect formula that was fully opaque in 2 coats.  It has a very subtle linear holo and a smattering of smallish silver holo glitters.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Ouija made a pretty compliment/contrast to the very pale off-grey crelly of Maiden's Patience, which had a few different sizes of white and silvery holo glitters and a subtle aqua shimmer overlay in the right lighting.  MP's formula was also perfectly lovely, and took 3 coats for this level of opacity.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The glitter was just gritty enough that both benefitted from a layer of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze smoothing topcoat before my standard HK girl TC.  In sunlight, the holo sparkle was pretty but not in-your-face RAINBOW POW, which was a nice change from my usual.

direct sunlight for both

But it certainly didn't need sunlight to shine.  Regular ol' harsh office lighting was still super pretty to my harlequin'ed nails, and shady light gave it all an ethereal, soft look.

indoor, office fluorescents and a little window-filtered sunlight
outdoor, shaded daylight
Both polishes wore well, with only minor edgewear after about 3 days.

indoor, CF lighting
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for both.

Where to buy:  as per usual, my Femme Fatale supplier is Color 4 Nails, which is the only place to snag Ouija.



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