Femme Fatale Hundred Years Winter

Next up on this week's Femme Fatale-a-palooza is Hundred Years Winter.  I originally passed on this one from the Narnia/White Witch collection, but some swatch pics in the fan group were just too fabulous to pass up.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Hundred Years winter is a rich, greyed-out mauve with a very contrasty bright teal shimmer.  It's nearly a one-coater, and 2 didn't deepen either the color or the shimmer - if it looks done, you can stop.

outdoor, direct sunlight
I'm a huge fan of contrasts or two-things-at-once in my polish, and this one utterly delivers.  The shimmer is not shy at all, and flashes gorgeously in any bright light.  In shade, the shimmer is much more stealthy, and the base color can look closer to grey than pink.

indoor, window-filtered shady daylight
The formula was ridiculously creamy and stayed exactly where I put it; clean up was minimally necessary.  There were, unfortunately, what I can only assume to be little chunks of pigment stuck into several of my nails (most obvious as the bump on my middle finger above).  On one nail, I would have assumed a trapped fuzz bit or something, but several nails had these little firm bumps.  Weird.

The shot below is, IMHO, the most color accurate, with the rich, earthy pink showing out from under the bright aqua sparkle.

outdoor, direct sunlight
I decided that teal flash was too pretty to not highlight, so I stamped over it with the darker teal of a England's Saint George and Bundle Monster's BM-406 plate.

I'm utterly in love with how the shimmer peeks all around the stamping, like these vines are weeds underwater.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  A lovely color that might count for a subversive office neutral, as long as there's no bright windows to show off the not so office-y teal.

Where to buy: just like last post, i usually score Femme Fatale from Color 4 Nails.



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