Enchanted Polish Neptune

Continuing her reign as greatest polish enabler of all time, Suzy alerted me several weeks ago to an upcoming Enchanted Polish restock, which included the launch of their new collaboration shade with iparallaxe, Neptune.

indoor, bright CF lighting
UNFF.  Just look at that color.  Suzy wins life/the interwebs/etc.

Neptune is utterly gorgeous in the bottle - a richly saturated, deep teal, sparkling with holo microglitters, that has a fantastic royal purple shift.  It's got a rather jelly-like formula that gets sticky in between coats and makes it challenging to wrap your tips without them getting too thick, but the shine was perfect even before topcoat, and it was nicely evened out at 2-3 coats.

outdoor, filtered daylight
But OMG is it worth any application troubles!  The tiny little holo glitters spread out to a nicely even distribution, the thickness of the jelly base means there's no pooling in the cuticles, and sweet baby octopus that color!

outdoor, filtered daylight
Winter is absolutely not helping my photography needs, refusing to dole out sunlight in anything other than the smallest snatches, but all that does is show you how pretty Neptune is in lower lighting.  The purple shift captured in the below two pics was much more prominent IRL, and the hints of a more royal blue edge are also color-accurate.

just a tiiiiiny suggestion of that duochrome shift
POW!  purple flash, any time your nails are at an angle to the light
This week was crazy for me.  I kept planning on changing out my polish (soooo many untrieds!) and kept being unable to do so.  Neptune clung on like a champ the whole time, with only very minor edgewear and no chipping 4 days out.  This feat was even more impressive since I had a long surgery early this week, and 3 hours of my hands stewing in tight latex gloves is more than enough to typically destroy any mani.  

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
outdoor, as much sunlight as winter's gonna give me
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars - this one is utterly killer.  Gorgeous color, great wear, so stunning I couldn't even stamp over it.  Perfection.

Where to buy:  good luck dive bombing restocks at Enchanted Polish.  Since most restocks lately have been pre-orders, things are easier to get a hold of, but you need to sign up for the notifications to get in on them.



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