Femme Fatale Sideshow Sparkler

After my light, pretty gold, the vampy shades of winter reasserted themselves, and I was reminded I'd paid crazy shipping costs to get this single bottle of polish exported from Singapore: Femme Fatale's Sideshow Sparkler.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Sideshow Sparkler is a deep blue-tinged purple jelly, packed with a dark emerald green shimmer and scattered with holo microglitters in a rainbow of fruit flavors.  Both opacity and depth of the shimmer are achieved at 3 coats.

indoor, office fluorescents
This polish was plenty sparkly and did an amazing job of catching any flash of light around, but it was surprisingly topcoat hungry, and I think I really needed more than the single layer I used to make this shine properly.  You can see the little holo flashes in the brighter pic above, while the various colors of the glitters are shown below.

outdoor, shady/cloudy daylight
Swatch photos I'd seen elsewhere really played up the green shimmer (to the point where some of them actually look more green than purple overall), and I think my lack of undying love for this is because that wasn't the case for me.  The green flash was certainly there in bright light, but not as BAM! in your face as I'd hoped for.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Interestingly, I think this is the same shimmer as in Maddening Whispers, another blue-based purple from FF.  It's kind of like reverse 230/Fantasy Fire, in that it's green when viewed directly, but shifts to red/plum at angles.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars for now, but I'll be giving it another try now that I won't expect it at all to be green.

Where to buy:  this shade was only available from Singaporean Beauty So Fly.



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