Cadillacquer Wolf Trap + some stamping + a quick comparison

I only have a few Cadillacquers left in my untried pile, and conveniently, one's a dark and dramatic color while the other is a modern neutral, so my alternates game can continue if I go through them both.  Wolf Trap, from the recent Eat the Rude collection inspired by Hannibal (we loved this show at my house!!) is first up.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Wolf Trap (named for the region in Virginia that the show's main character lives in) is a rich hunter green with the same loosely linear/sparkly scattered holo that I'm now convinced is very much Cadillacquer's calling card.  It additionally has some blue-tinged green microflake shimmer that adds interest in lower lighting.

outdoor, filtered early morning daylight
outdoor, indirect overcast daylight
same early morning daylight
Office lighting also played prettily with the microflake:

check out the blue sparkle of the flakes on my ring finger
I realized after a couple days of wearing Wolf Trap that it wasn't my solo dark green holo, so here's a quick swatch-stick comparison.

indoor, CF lighting for both
From left to right (for the sticks above and the bottles below) is Cadillacquer Wolf Trap, Pahlish Bialowieza Forest, and Glitter Gal Lizard Belly.  I've worn the Pahlish as part of a skittle, and the GG before I blogged, but there are memorable differences to each.  The microflakes are unique in Wolf Trap, and it's far more green than the other two.  Bialowieza Forest is as dark a green as you can get without it looking black, and the linear holo is much more bold.  Lizard Belly is super sheer (3 coats are needed, and there's only 2 on the stick), is dark enough at opacity that it looks like smoky charcoal rather than green in most lighting, and has a blindingly linear holo.  All of these differences are even more apparent in the bottle shot below.

A recent discussion on facebook had me curious about the clear jelly stamper, so i picked up a super cheap version on Amazon, and was eager to use it as soon as it arrived.  After the smashing success of the Ya Qin An dragon plate, i snapped up the phoenix plate, Y-014 from the same maker, from the Born Pretty store.

As with the dragon plate, this one was etched deeply and gave me no trouble picking up images.  I stamped using Color Club's Kismet (a greenish golden linear holo), which was very sheer, yet gave me no trouble with the clear jelly stamper.  This tool worked exactly as promised: you can see where you're placing things, and no priming or prep is necessary before the stamper worked.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Cadillacquer makes a lovely, creamy formula that is totally opaque and smooth in 2 coats.  This one happened to chip on me in a couple of days, but the color is quite nice.

Where to buy:  my usual hookup for the Swiss import is Color 4 Nails.



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