Pretty Serious Mummy Mush

I was away on a lovely (and long overdue!) vacation mid-December, and my Pretty Serious haul had just arrived when it was time to pick a few bottles to pack up with me.  Sparkly Mummy Mush caught my eye immediately and was the first thing I put on.  It wore like IRON, looking flawless a week later.  I just had to repeat this one for my New Year's Eve mani.

indoor, CF lighting
This is a gold polish with a whole lot going on. First off, Mummy Mush is a delicate, sheer pink base:

window-filtered daylight.  check out how pink the color is where the light shines through
Packed with sparkling glass flecks that shift from gold to green to electric turquoise:

window-filtered daylight
And packed with enough gold shimmer to produce a hammered-metal foil sort of effect:

window-filtered daylight
The overall effect is subtly shifty, like it's a surprise duochrome.  The pink base warms the color up and keeps it from being too stark, while the aqua sparkle cools things into a surreal, otherworldly shade.  Seriously, this stuff glows in low lighting, like it's catching the last rays of the sun and intensifying them - it was an effect impossible to catch in anything but blurry photos (low light isn't cool for macros, yo), but undeniably there.  If Queen Mab wore nail polish, it'd be Mummy Mush.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Back when I test-drove Swatch and Learn, I wished that Kaz would put the same pink/blue/green glass fleck into pretty much everything, and this might actually be the same stuff.  Either the pink or the green or both were pretty typically visible in some way, giving the polish both a rose gold edge and a verdigris one.  

indoor, CF lighting
Yeah, the green flash just kills me on this one.

window-filtered daylight
Rating:  a swoony 5 out of 5 stars.  The sheer but not watery formula is super easy to manage (and thank goodness, because we all know that sticky glass flecks aren't going to be easy to clean up off one's skin), and it wears fantastically, and it's a dead gorgeous color.  Total bliss.

Where to buy:  direct from their store is how I score some PS, and they also maintain a list of international stockists.



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