2016 Oscar Nails!

Anyone who knows me knows what a movie junkie I am, and Oscar season is my superbowl.  Watching all the nominated movies is my end-of-season playoffs, aided by a partner that manages a movie theater, so all my film frenzy is free.  For the past couple of years, I've been joining some other film nerds for an annual Oscar party that involves door prizes for a costume contest... that I totally won with my stamp-a-palooza nail design.

This was my most ambitious nail art project ever, and I ultimately used 18 polishes, a handful and a half of plates, some free-hand painting, flame and french tip nail vinyls, a dotting tool, and my trusty clear jelly stamper to make a nod to each of the best picture nominees.  WHEEEEE!

On my left hand, we have:

  • Thumb: the grey-blue windowless shed of imprisonment from Room
  • Pointer:  US and USSR flags for Bridge of Spies (my partner says this one is super on point, ha!)
  • Ring:  a rocketship blasting off from the red planet for The Martian
  • Pinky:  newsprint and a cross for Spotlight
On the right, I've got:

  • Thumb: a bear in snowy woods for The Revenant (yes, I know it's a panda.  Shhhh, work with me here)
  • Pointer:  flames all shiny & chrome from Mad Max Fury Road
  • Ring:  a rather literal interpretation of Brooklyn
  • Pinky:  a series of bubbles (as in the housing bubble, get it?) for The Big Short

Hope your Oscar Sunday was as fun as mine!



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