Native War Paints Jessica

For a good while now, I've lemming'd Sinful Colors Zeus - a cool lavender-grey with a fiery shimmer - though they've sadly never brought it back again like they sometimes do with LEs from older collections.  You can imagine, then, how quickly I snapped up Native War Paints Jessica the moment I saw it.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Jessica is a shifty crème, and I never 100% concretely decided what color it actually was: smoky taupe?  Lavender?  Blued grey?  In any case, the coppery red-pink shimmer adds its own veil to the overall color, making it a little more taupe-to-lavender in shade, and shining beautifully in bright light.

shady, early morning daylight - totally looks like warm taupe here, right?
bright afternoon sunlight - totally looks blued/concrete grey with a fiery overlay here, right?
The formula was a little thick but very workable, leveling nicely in 2 coats.  

<3 that shimmer!
It also wore rather like iron, meaning it got stamped upon rather than changed out right away.

indoor, bright CF lighting
I used the circuitboard design from Bundle Monster's BM-415 plate with Born Pretty's metallic silver stamping polish.  The silver set off the red flashes of shimmer intriguingly, and I totally loved this design.  The plate was unfortunately etched very shallowly, meaning that I had to completely clean it and start over with each stamp to get a clean image.

indirect daylight
Rating:  Jessica gets a fantastic 4 out of 5 stars for A+ wear time and a good formula.  As an added bonus, NWP has released Jessica as part of their "classic essentials" series, with the philosophy that "being work appropriate shouldn't be expensive," pricing them at a very affordable $6.  



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