OPI Visions of Georgia Green + experiments in decal creation

OPI has released a few rounds of their tribute/collaboration to Coca-Cola products, and while most of them seem pretty basic to me (I'm covered in the red and silver departments, thanks), this series has had a couple of very interesting greens.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Visions of Georgia Green is supposed to be a color nod to the iconic Coke glass bottle, and I think they did a fantastic job with that goal.  It's a very sheer color, needing 3 coats to get to the almost-opacity you see here, but at one coat especially, it's very obviously the watery sea green of old-style glass.  To this delicate green base, they've added some bright emerald glass flecks that show up best in bright light, and a flash of lavender shimmer that shows up best in low light - all the interesting complexity promised in the bottle translates nicely to the nail.

office fluorescents
My office lighting, while not super flattering to my skin, managed to make both the lavender flash and the little emerald sparks show up most clearly.

office fluorescents
When the shimmer or glass flecks were more hidden in the background, VoGG could look more metallic or more spring-time leafy green.

outdoor, bright sunlight

indoor, window-filtered daylight + incandescent lighting
Amazingly for a 3-coater, this stuff wore like iron, with barely any edgewear after 3 days.  Time for stamping!

I used Bundle Monster's lovely Japanese-themed plate BM-XL 155, with CBL Addicts Blue Me Away for the waves and Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn for the adorable carp.

While it shows up nicely here in shady lighting, the red outline of the fish actually got swallowed up in the sparkle of the base in brighter lighting, and my colorblind partner said the contrast wasn't sharp enough.  Time for experiments in reverse stamping!

And here we go, my first attempt at decal-making!  I used Wet n Wild Black Crème to stamp the carp onto my nail art mat, then filled in with Santa's Sunburn and BP store brand gold stamping polish, then topped with quick-dry TC.  Getting the black to come off the stamper cleanly was actually a huge challenge - turns out that polish doesn't like to stick to the silicone, so the TC should have been applied first.  The more you know, right?

Rating:  VoGG is a 3 and maybe a 4 out of 5 star polish.  Loved the wear time and the subtle sparkle, but I kinda wish the color had more OOMPH.

Where to buy:  OPI is widely available at brick & mortar and all over the interwebs.



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