Vapid Lacquer Dark Twisted Fantasies for Valentine's Day

I'm not so much a cute pink kind of girl, but I do like a little smattering of holiday decorations, and I wanted to keep attempting to master the Russian magic of the needle marble, so all of that led to a simple heart accent nail(s) mani with Vapid's Dark Twisted Fantasies (150% appropriate for the love holiday, no?) rubbing up against a England's Rose Bower.

indoor CF lighting
Dark Twisted Fantasies is the darkest plum wine you can get without it looking black (in low lighting, it looks like a warm off-black).  It's almost a one-coater, but 2 evened everything out to perfectly smooth opacity.  The linear holo is light and sparkling, not scorchingly blinding.  And it drips nicely into Rose Bower to melt into little hearts once I've dragged a needle through the drops.

2 side-by-side drops made the best heart shape
DTF is far, far more holo than the subtle flash of Rose Bower, especially in bright light, which just added nicely to the cute contrast between the two colors.

outdoor, bright sunlight for both

Pretty without being too cutesy, dark without being emo about v-day, I think this was just what I wanted.

my loving partner says my left thumb is "more Wu-Tang than Valentine."
Rating:  Dark Twisted Fantasies is a nice 3 out of 5 stars.  Liked the color, loved the formula, wished for better wear.

Where to buy:  stalk Vapid's restocks at her online store.



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