Lucky 13 Hardships Unnumbered

Today, I have yet another untried that languished far too long in my stash, Lucky 13's Hardships Unnumbered, from their Labyrinth collection.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Hardships is a mossy green jelly packed with green and gold shimmer - the overall effect is a warm, slightly murky green with a lovely shine and sparkle.  This took 4 coats to get to the opacity you see here, but the formula was easy to work with and dried quickly so that this wasn't a big deal.  This did that thing some jellies do with the clearing at the free edge, so note that none of this is tip wear, just how this polish looked.

Lucky 13's bottles are adorable, with the name and logo on the top of the cap, making them easy to find in your polish storage unit.  The large round cap (like Cult Nails' design) is a little chunky and not as precise-feeling as smaller wands, but the brush is nice, so it's a tossup.

indirect daylight
The dreary late winter weather didn't cooperate, so you'll have to trust me: in bright sunlight or very bright indoor light, the shimmer in here is deliciously metallic and super sparkly.  Not that it's shy in lower lighting, either.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This color/finish is pretty unique to my stash, and the color is very very ME.

Where to buy:  unfortunately, it looks like Lucky 13 has discontinued this one.  Try destashes/blog sales, or else contact the maker - if she still has ingredients, she will make you up a bottle of most of her discontinued polishes!



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