Pahlish The Man In Black

Pahlish recently had a sale where purchases over $50 had this new LE, The Man in Black, tossed in for free.  You bet I found ways to spend that money right quick.

indoor, CF lighting
The Man in Black is a tribute to Johnny Cash (there's a Cash museum in the maker's hometown), done up as a black crelly with very tiny holo microglitter and slightly larger electric blue glitters.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The blue glitters were a little more apparent in the bottle than on the nail, but they did give a little flash of color even when the rainbow wasn't being flashy (i.e., in lower light).  The formula was great here, with 2 coats to total opacity, and a perfectly easy to control thickness to the almost-jelly consistency.  Cleanup was crazy easy, with no cuticle cling of of the black polish (what??) and no lingering sticky little glitters.  The only less than awesome thing about it was that the brush was very slightly wonky, the sort of thing that's fixed quickly by trimming off a couple of stray bristles.

outdoor, bright sunlight
I stamped over it right away with a suitably southwestern sort of flair, using Nicole Diary ND-104 plate and MoYou London Electric Teal to highlight those blue glitters.  The stamping looked a whole lot cleaner IRL, and I think any patchiness here is because I was trying super hard to place things super straight.  Zero problems with either polish or plate (and these ND plates are crazy cheap on amazon!!).

indoor, window-filtered daylight
The next day, I'd decided my pinky was too plain, so a few more triangles got layered in with BP silver polish and the same plate.

window-filtered daylight
You can catch sight of the blue glitters in the macro pics - like little stars.  This would be a great base for a galaxy mani.

bright afternoon sunlight
Rating:  pretty much loved this one, 4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  destash hunting is your best bet here.



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