Quick comparison: Sinful Colors Kreme de la Kreme VS Cirque Halcyon

The moment I found Kreme de la Kreme, confirmed by the moment I put it on, I knew comparing it to the sold-out and sought-after Cirque Halcyon was necessary.  Turns out they're not exact dupes, but Kreme might help a whole lot if you're pining for Halcyon.  For all pics below, Halcyon is on the right.

indoor, bright CF lighting
indoor, less intense CF lighting from more diffuse source
First things first:  the color isn't identical in these 2, with Halcyon being a little more rosy, though both look ROSE gold and not simply gold when worn.

The shimmer particles are the major difference, with Halcyon being made up of metallic microflakes and Kreme a much finer metallic shimmer.  Halcyon gets the advantage here, with a blinding hammered-metal shine in the sun.

Kreme de la Kreme is completely opaque in one coat, while Halcyon needs 2, giving Kreme the advantage in nail art if layering thickness is of concern.

They're genuinely close enough that I don't need both, but a $2 backup for a sold-out 5 star polish isn't leaving my hands any time soon.



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