Sinful Colors Kreme de la Kreme + Illyrian Awaken Your Magic

Illyrian is blowing things up lately, and several of the shiny new things that just arrived at my house immediately clamored to jump to the head of the queue.  The gorgeous copper shimmer in Awaken Your Magic just happened to match the metallic rose gold of another new arrival, Sinful Colors Kreme de la Kreme, so the 2 got paired up tout suite.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Awaken Your Magic is a sheer lavender jelly with a rich coppery contrasting shimmer overlay and a sprinkling of silver holo microglitters.  It needed 3 coats for level of opacity seen here, which still shows some VNL, but in an even non-streaky way i'm fond of.  Each coat was perfectly self-leveling, so you could easily use this as a topper at one coat.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Kreme de la Kreme is an easy one coat wonder.  Though it's a bit thicker than ideal, that's likely to suspend all the metallic shimmer it's packed with.  Cleanup is rather tricky, since the shimmer dissolves into the acetone and floats everywhere in the cuticle zone, so scrubbing wayward shimmer particles off later is going to be a key part of making this look nice.

indoor, bright CF lighting
To tie this fairytale princess look together, I stamped a scrolling swirl & line pattern from BP-01 (which is a christmas plate - goes to show that picking one part of  a design can really give a different look than another part!) and El Corazon Kaleidoscope white stamping polish.

window-filtered daylight
I loved how the coppery shimmer shone through the white whorls, and the peeks of holo sparkle were charming as well.

late afternoon sunlight
I had to have a minor hand surgery this week, which meant I ended up wearing this mani longer than usual.  As an unexpected bonus, both of these absolutely wore like iron.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  5 of 5 stars for Awaken Your Magic, and 4 for Kreme (grrrr the wonky Kylie names), both huge winners.  Kreme likely would have been 5 stars if it wasn't a sliiiiiightly less shiny version of the amazing Cirque Halcyon - comparison post coming right up!

Where to buy:  Illyrian's web store for Magic, and plenty of drug stores for Sinful Colors.



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