Sayuri HHC Pick Your Poison

There's a whole lot of grey/pewter/black/charcoal untrieds lying around here, so I stuck with my 2nd black-with-a-twist for this week.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Pick Your Poison was an April offering of Hella Holo Customs from new-to-me Aussie brand Sayuri.   It's a mass of small aqua-to-purple duochromatic flakies in a dark charcoal base, along with a smattering of very fine silvery shimmer.

outdoor, overcast daylight
 The overall effect is subtly shifty in low light, then a charcoal with dark blue or aqua sparkle in bright light (oddly very similar to Morticia from earlier this week though the two really have nothing in common finish-wise).

indoor, CF lighting
Now, for all that this is a Hella holo, I gotta be real and say there's approximately no holo to be found here.  Yeah, in the macro you can see a couple of rainbow sparks, so there's some quantity of very fine holo dust in the mix, but it genuinely doesn't translate to the nail at all.

outdoor, overcast daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  The formula, brush, and bottle were all nice, but I did get some edgewear and a minor chip within just 2 days.  I probably would have liked it more if I wasn't expecting it to be holo and I hadn't worn it back-to-back with such a similar color.

Where to buy:  join HHC on facebook and then pick it up from someone destashing - these are one month and done offerings.



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