Tiger Nails with Color Club Cosmic Fate

For a zoo event this week (wine!  animals!  fun times!!), I of course had to go with themed nails.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Color Club's Halo Hues collection was the best, right?  I mean, yeah, they are mostly lighter rather than rich dark colors, but damn if that holo flame is way more ultra than most polishes labeled "ultra-holo" and damn if that formula isn't thoroughly nice.  The brush is a little thin, but coverage is dead perfect in 2 coats, and the necessity for cleanup is utterly minimal.

outdoor, partial sunlight
Sorry no pics of this by itself, but swatches of Cosmic Fate and all her sisters are pretty easy to find.  This peachy copper was just orangey enough to look tiger-iffic for me while still very much suiting my skintone.  And of course Nanacoco Love Black + UberChic Out of Africa plate both performed exactly as well as they ever do.

Rating:  Cosmic Fate is a near-perfect 4 out of 5 star polish.

Where to buy:  aaaaaaall over the interwebs, none of these items are HTF - amazon, ebay, beauty supply stores, etc etc.



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