Trust Fund Beauty Spring Detox & a quick comparison

There's always time for a good duochrome, especially one forgotten in your stash for a while, so Trust Fund Beauty's Spring Detox stepped up when I went delving for a green - spoiler alert, huge winner.

indoor, CF lighting
When I first pulled Spring Detox out of the box and saw this emerald to pink shift, I was a little disappointed, thinking I'd yet again fallen for my eleventy-bajillionth iteration of the green to purple duochromes I apparently can't say no to.

indoor, bright CF lighting
But wait!  Both of these bottle shots are utterly accurate, and while Hey Jude-type duochromes sometimes get an almost mossy look, they never get this dirty swampy green.  Huzzah, totally different!!

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Spring Detox's base is a sheer swampy brownish-green that's packed with bright, nearly chrome emerald shimmer just a little finer than what I'd call a glass fleck.  I paint under pretty bright lights, and when my hand was directly in line with them, the shimmer was bright enough to make one coat look opaque.  At angles, the sheerness was apparent, but only 2 coats were needed to get the opacity you see here.

outdoor, bright sunlight
At any angle at all (even just a little), I got an intense shift to a bright magenta/rosy pink that's just as sparkly as the emerald.

outdoor, bright sunlight
While this went pink instead of the blue/teal/purple of the Hey Jude types, the one shift it had in common was a pale pink-tinged silver, though this color shows up at a completely different angle in the shift for the 2 polishes.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Picking a stamping color for this one was really tricky given that it had to look good with a whole lot of different colors, and that I wasn't feeling metallics.  I tested out 5 or so shades (what did we do before silicone mats?), and MYL Midnight Green was a winner.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Cheapo stamping plates from ebay or AliExpress are such a crap shoot.  I've gotten some shallowly etched junk, and some perfect designs for less than a buck.  This looping burst design is off of Blueness B-064, which I think looks like the sort of decorative flourishes on traditional tole painted items.  Funny how selecting part of an image can make it look totally different.

outdoor, overcast afternoon daylight
I had zero problems with this plate, and will in fact be checking out the rest of this brand.

late afternoon bright sunlight
Wow, a super shifty duochrome totally unique in my stash?  Love!!  But it did remind me of something else...

indoor, CF lighting, S&L on left and SD on right 
Pretty Serious Swatch and Learn has a near-identical color scheme while being utterly different in finish.  Both have the swampy green base color and a shift to rosy pink, but S&L's color changes come from lovely little microflake/glass fleck sort of shimmers, while SD is most certainly a true duochrome and is far more shifty.

indoor, CF lighting, same order
Rating:  just like S&L, Spring Detox is a smashing 5 out of 5 stars.  Great wear, nice formula, can't stop staring at the color changes, love all around.

Where to buy:  either direct from Trust Fund Beauty, or now some shades are sold on Amazon.



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