Burnt Apple Pie

It's been dreary and rainy and cloudy for about forever now, so no holo or super sparkle is going to shine their best, but snuggly warm colors seem to do the trick.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Burnt Apple Pie is a small oops batch from Baroness X - it's a few notches darker brown than the golden pie-crust brown of the original.

window-filtered morning daylight
Maybe a better name for this one would be chocolate ice cream with toppers, because that's about the exact color this was.  BAP is a creamy, chocolatey brown that went on in 2 perfectly smooth coats, sparked with a lovely duochromatic green to magenta shimmer.

indoor, CF lighting
The shifty shimmer went from apple-green head-on to raspberry at angles.

chocolate covered raspberries, indoor, bright CF lighting
window-filtered daylight
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - lovely formula, smooth application, and a subtle spark to an otherwise fall/winter sort of neutral.  Several days later, I had smooth edgewear but no overt chips.

Where to buy:  this was a very small oops batch, so it's not likely to be hiding anywhere.



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