Lacquester Doomed Diva + Baroness X Sir Cockicorn

My hugest lemming is Cirque Coronation.  Yeah, shocker I know, anyone who likes purple, who likes shifty polishes, or even knows about that sparkle magic in Clarins 230 has a hankering for Coronation, so my tears are far from unique.  I've bought a whoooole lot of purple polishes with some sort of shimmer or shift in them to try and calm this lemming down, and it's always a fool's game since I don't have the original to compare them to.  But I think I came pretty damn close this time.

indoor, bright CF lighting
indoor, CF lighting
Lacquester's Doomed Diva is everything other people's lavish swatch pics made it out to be.  It's a devastatingly rich royal purple, slightly more blue then slightly more red depending on the lighting, and always suffused with a gorgeous coppery pink shimmer that stands out as a brighter flash along the center of the nail, so you get a devastating "glowing from within" look.  Yeah, I'm gushing.  Yeah, it's that good.  Then I layered one swipe of Baroness X Sir Cockicorn over the top.

bright afternoon sunlight for both

THUD.  I am dead.  That glow, that sparkle.  YASSSSS.  (Yes, still gushing.  Just wait.)

late afternoon sunlight
And there's that shift from ruby to bronze to emerald that just slays on top of the purple.

window-filtered daylight
The above shade pic is everything I needed to know re: the magic of this combo.  Sir Cockicorn is a FB exclusive for the Baroness X fan group that's the magic 230/Fantasy Fire shifting pigment in a clear base.  One coat of that + a layer of topcoat glossed the hell out of Doomed Diva's shine, and made it look ever so slightly jellyish, so the combo looks an awful lot like Coronation to my eyes.

outdoor, afternoon sunlight
outdoor, bright sunlight
Yeah, I'm in love here.

that green edge.  DEAD.
Rating:  straight up 5 out of 5 stars for both.  Doomed Diva's formula is delicious, and it's nearly a one-coater.  My only complaint is the flat, wide brush, which I always make a huge mess with, but I know many people that love these.  Sir Cockicorn is a perfect topper, with wonderfully even coverage in just one coat.  Love all around.

Where to buy:  direct from Lacquester, or now from Color4Nails for Doomed Diva.  Join Baroness X's FB group to catch notifications on if/when she'll be restocking any of her 230/FF magic polishes.



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