Femme Fatale Infamous Riddle

Yeah, I could probably wear nothing but Femme Fatale for the rest of the year and still not get through all my untrieds...

indoor, bright CF lighting
Infamous Riddle (which wins for one of the best names of all time) is a mossy, yellowed spring green, with a very contrasting copper-red pearlescent shimmer overlay.  I'm not in the least sure whether these colors are more raven or writing desk (neither, obvs), but this is rather unique in my stash.

indoor, window-filtered overcast daylight
I gotta be honest, this color does not so much love my skin.  The yellow tint to the green is questionable on my not-yellow self, and the red tint to the shimmer is the color I look with lobster hands.  So though the formula, wear time, and uniqueness are all YES, the actual wearing is sorta NO.

indoor, bright CF lighting
See what I mean?  That pearlescent glow YESSSS.  The smooth, 2-coater formula, thumbs up.  My skin, ooohhh nope.

(dat shimmer, tho)
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Sorta love it, sorta can't love it, sorta can't decide if it's a keeper.  #polishworldproblems

Where to buy:  since this was from the August 2015 collection and Femme Fatale tends to not keep restocking things, look through destashes to snag a bottle.



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