Tonic Slitherin'

Tonic Polish is absolutely blowing up the indie world, with every new thing they release being quickly sought after.  Lindsey has a great eye for color, so I'm absolutely jumped up onto that bandwagon myself.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Slitherin' (which is either a wink to a very silly horror-comedy or else a play on the most cunning house in Hogwarts, no idea) is a gorgeous golden spring green with a killer blue duochrome shift and a scattering of holo dust thrown in the mix.  It appears to be the same very fine holo dust as in northern lights topcoat, so more a scattered sparkle and not a linear rainbow flame.  Everything promised in that bottle pic above translated nicely to my nails.

indoor, bright CF lighting
In bright, direct light, the shimmer is more golden... then tilts over to aqua and close to blue (not quite as denim blue as in the bottle, though) at angles.

indoor, CF lighting
I'm wearing 2 coats here, and had very good opacity with just that.  The formula is just a little tricky - it's thin enough to let all the sparkle and duochrome shine through, which makes it pool in the sidewalls; but simultaneously thick due to being packed with pigment, so it gets sticky and a little fussy if overmanipulated.  Ultimately, it's self-leveling and dries smooth, so paint quickly without going over the same spots and it's all good.

outdoor, afternoon sunlight
I stamped over Slitherin' a couple of days later using the fantastic array of Spirograph-type circular images on TU-008 in MoYou Malibu Tan plus CBL Addicts Blue Me Away.

window-filtered morning daylight
Rating:  a lovely 4 out of 5 stars.  A great color, only sorta tricky to paint with, that wore wonderfully.

Where to buy:  direct from Tonic.



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