Femme Fatale Whispers of Velvet

One of my nail polish groups had a "thermal" prompt for this week, so I pulled out Femme Fatale's Whispers of Velvet. Originally, I'd skipped this one because of the flaming hot pink the warm state was often photographed as, but ended up quite pleasantly surprised.

indoor, CF lighting
Whispers of Velvet is a lusciously vampy dark plum when it's cold, then a soft rosy pink when warm.

window-filtered daylight for all 3

That funky-french effect that we all love a bunch in thermals was quite evident here.  Though it's about a year old now, the transition is still going strong with no problems.

more window-filtered overcast daylight.  seriously, there is NO SUN this winter.
In addition to the change from the thermal effect, Whispers is also jam-packed with duochromatic aqua-green to fuchsia-pink microflakies.

slightly brighter filtered daylight
indoor, bright CF lighting
The color shift in those flakies is the cause of all those super hot-pink swatch pics I saw, IMHO.  at sideways angles, when the polish is mostly warm, the pink on pink amps to a much hotter color.

window-filtered rainy drizzly winter daylight
But this was a whole lot more likely to look like a dusty rose sort of mauve than a barbie hot pink.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Great formula - smooth but slightly thin, this needed 3 coats for opacity in the warm state.  It's not at all thick or sticky like some super shimmery or microflakie polishes can be.

Where to buy:  check out Femme Fatale's list of stockists to see if anyone still has this beauty in stock.



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