New Year's Eve Nails - Cirque Idyllic

I've recently received so many polish packets in the mail that I was overwhelmed with choices for a New Year's Eve look - bronze, gold, purple, wine???  This one happened to be sitting at the front edge of the mani table shouting "LOOK AT MEEEEE" that all my plans instantly got simplified down to a clean monochromatic but blingy look.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Cirque Idyllic has the exact same perfect formula as her sister Halcyon, this time as a barely blue-tinted silver foil.  It's nearly a OCW, though I'm showing 2 thin coats + topcoat here.  After noticing that the bright turquoise polish on my toes was badly chipped, but having no time to fix it properly, I later slapped one single thick coat on top as a touch-up.  Idyllic covered the dark, saturated color opaquely in that one coat with no troubles.

bright CF lighing
I've stamped using my trusty NanaCoco Love Black polish with the perfectly well-etched numbers from Sugar Bubbles SBS-04 and the champagne bottle from MoYou London Festive 39, plus some clinking glasses on each thumb.

Rating:  a fantastic 4 out of 5 stars for Idyllic.  Other than the usual caveat about needing careful cleanup to get all the silver flakes off the skin, this was butter smooth and shiny as anything.  Forgive the edgewear - I would never expect any polish to survive the dish scrubbing and major house cleaning necessary the morning after the party here!

Where to buy:  direct from Cirque, but buy quickly as Idyllic is a holiday LE.



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