Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Together Dead and Lonely

Dear whoever blogger recently aimed me toward Blue-Eyed Girl's lovely polishes, thanks, you rock.

bright sunlight
Together Dead and Lonely (named for a lyric from the Phoenix song 'Rome' that I hadn't heard until now) is described by the maker as "a black jelly with silver and red holographic microglitters."  I found this to be more of a crelly - this gorgeously glossy melted glass black was almost fully opaque after one coat, and it needed a layer of topcoat to get that devastating shine.

TDL dried down to a satiny matte finish that still had a very subtle texture with one layer of topcoat; 2 layers was needed for it to be smooth to the touch.

bright CF lighting
Though some of the microglitters were indeed definitely red, to my eye the rest appeared green, sort of christmas in a bottle until the sun hit and broke all the colors to tiny rainbows.

direct sunlight.  sooooooooooo shiny!
shady, overcast daylight
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.  The formula was dead perfect and very easy to control.  Dark colors are of course challenging and likely to stain your cuticles, but this one had an easy cleanup and stayed right where I put it.  Someone at work even asked how on earth I got the edges of my nails so perfect - it's not me, it's this killer polish, guys.

Where to buy:  direct from Blue-Eyed Girl.



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