Dance Legend Final Fantasy

Bite Tonight was rich and lovely, but not the superstar stand-out of the Candy Flakes collection I thought it would be, so I figured it was time to move on to the next one, and WOW.

Final Fantasy is a purple jelly, filled with both ocean flakies (the sort that shift from blue to aqua to a little green) and a fine ruby-red shimmer.  It starts off very sheer, and at first, I was worried this couldn't be built to an even coverage.

the first coat - I could see straight through it.
Fortunately, even on that first coat, the sparkle and flakes were obvious, and more than enough to keep me optimistic about how this was going to work out.  Even more fortunately, the much thinner/more sheer texture meant that i didn't have any of the overloaded brush or too-thick coats issues that I did with Bite Tonight.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
The red shimmer and aqua-blue flakes stayed readily visible after the 3+ coats it took to even this out (some nails needed a partial 4th coat to avoid thinner-looking spots).  Even with all the coats, though, this wasn't too thick, and was nicely self-leveling.  The flakes didn't stick up on the nail at all, and one thin layer of topcoat kept everything glass-smooth.  Some flakes did end up hanging a little off the edge of a couple nails, but these little bumps smoothed out on their own by the next day.

outdoor, slightly brighter sunlight
Even at arm's length and in low light, where the flakes and shimmer were less obvious, it was still a richly glowy, pearlescent medium purple.

indoor lighting
And when I looked at it close-up instead, sometimes the ruby shimmer would flash a little bronze to copper-ish.  Secret sorta duochrome shimmer?

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This is gorgeous, and I'm waffling between 4 and 5 for it.

Where to buy:  the front page of Dance Legend's website has the list of their international stockists.



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