Colors by Llarowe Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee

Llarowe has been putting out some really big seasonal collections lately, meaning there's usually one or two I have my eye on.  My pick from the Spring 2014 batch was Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee.

indoor CF lighting
Sandra Dee is a scattering of rose glitter (impossible for me to finally decide if it was deep pink or light red) in slightly finer silver holo glitter.  The overall result is a pink tinged silver holo, with a chunky rainbow rather than a smooth linear arc.

outdoor, later afternoon direct sunlight
In most lighting, there was at least a hint of rainbow sparkle, but the further away from bright sunlight I got, this tilted toward being a shimmery silver with lots of little reddish flecks (scientist mind immediately thought of bacterial colonies or tiny mites.  awesome.) that did impart some texture to the overall finish.  

indoor office fluorescents
When the holo was most in effect, the red dots blended interestingly into the rest of the sparkle and really added something unique to a silver glitter holo look.

outdoor indirect sunlight
outdoor direct sunlight
In super bright light (or with flash), it's a glittery disco ball.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  The sparkle is pretty, and I love the look of the rosy twinkles in the bright rainbow, but the stark difference between the rose and silver in lower lighting kept reminding me of...interesting...biological conditions.  It is totally unique in my stash, though, and that sparkle is loads of fun.

Where to buy:  direct from Llarowe.



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