Femme Fatale Fallen Kingdom

Australian maker Femme Fatale's Fallen Kingdom is a cool-toned autumn in a bottle:  rose and chocolate and old gold instead of firey reds and oranges.

indoor CF lighting
The base starts off sheer, but is quickly buildable, opaque in 2 dabbed coats.  It's a deep taupe-chocolate, with some very fine gold shimmer that's hidden by the glitters in low light, but adds a lush sparkle in brighter lighting.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The glitter comes out plenty dense, and placement of the bigger circles didn't require any fishing in the bottle.  The size and overall density of the glitters means that it's most definitely not a smooth finish, and 2 coats of HK girl weren't enough to tame some pointy bits sticking off to one side or the other.  I should maybe finally get that bottle of gelous...

indoor, indirect sunlight
 The lumpy look does drive me a little crazy (heavily textured polishes so not my thing), but the color combination is so pretty.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Next go-round, I'll probably layer one dabbed-on coat over a matching brown to lighten up the glitter load and the texture, without losing out on any of the colors or the pretty shimmer.

Where to buy:  this one is an exclusive through Color4Nails.



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